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About us

PMD Solutions was founded to void the fundamental clinical need to measure patients breathing rates, which if amiss, is a significant indicator of an adverse event. The creation of RespiraSense has revolutionised the early diagnosis and intervention of medical events, making every breath count.

Breathing is a vital biological function and one of the vital parameters used to assess a patient’s general condition. Today, measurement and monitoring of the respiratory rate are usually done manually by healthcare professionals, which is a time-consuming and inaccurate method that is not practically possible to perform continuously. It is the Company’s evaluation that, despite the importance of respiratory rate, there has been a complete lack of effective systems for accurate and reliable respiratory monitoring so far. Today, over 80 percent of respiratory rate readings are inaccurate, leading to 41 percent of patients’ conditions being underestimated. A solution for accurate monitoring of respiration would enable continuous measurement of the respiratory rate and, in turn, enable early warnings of patient deterioration and thus avoid deterioration and the need for intensive care.

PMD develops and sells medical products for respiratory monitoring. Its primary product is RespiraSense™, a solution used for monitoring respiratory rate to detect deterioration of a patient’s general condition early and to avoid preventable respiratory failure and adverse patient outcomes. RespiraSense™ is, to the Company’s knowledge, the world’s only continuous, motion-tolerant respiratory rate monitor delivering class-leading reliability in measuring respiratory rate. PMD Device Solutions AB received FDA clearance for RespiraSense™ in 2022. RespiraSense™ is a novel technology and today is used in 25 hospitals across UK and Ireland. The Company seeks to continue increasing its share of market in the UK, with Germany and the US to follow with initial market access activities.


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The RespiraSense™ business model consists of several components that together create a complete delivery that generates attractive gross margins and recurring revenues.


To avoid preventable respiratory failure events by transforming the standard of care in patient monitoring.


To become the de facto standard-of-care for monitoring respiratory compromised patients in Europe and the US.