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Message from the CEO

It is with great pleasure that I introduce PMD to you. As a company, we have embedded our vision of #MakingEveryBreathCount in everything we do. It is a call to action to address the global clinical need for acute respiratory rate monitoring by developing industry leading inventions and commercialising them with the patient at the core.

Over 10 per cent of all hospital activity is driven by respiratory-related symptoms and during winter seasons, this presents a significant challenge for hospitals to delivery safe and efficient care. Respiratory compromise, an umbrella term for any condition that compromises the body’s ability to respire, includes conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Pneumonia, Influenza, COVID, and other acute respiratory infections.

As there was no reliable solution previously available, the earliest sign of deterioration, respiratory rate, was considered a ‘Lost Vital Sign’. Patients who presented with faster breathing, thereby compensating their other vitals such as blood oxygen levels as measured with a pulse oximeter, went unrecognised leading to preventable higher levels of care. PMD’s innovations empower healthcare professionals to get accurate respiratory rate information to support efficient clinical decision making and to trigger the right care at the right time.

Our focus on Sweden has stemmed from our aspiration to list the company and support our ambition to become the industry leader for solutions in the prevention of respiratory failure. Having evaluated several growth markets over the years, we can see that Nasdaq in Stockholm has a strong culture of equity investment. Nasdaq itself is a strong affiliated exchange with our peers in patient monitoring and ventilation devices. Combined with our strategy of transferring manufacturing to an international supply chain provider with FDA approved site based in Sweden, it completes our selection of the right exchange for PMD to list on.

PMD has the privilege to be part of an entire healthcare system in Ireland with the recommended solution for monitoring acute respiratory compromised admissions. Serving tens of hospitals and thousands of patients per year, we have a strong commercial foundation upon which to support operations and growth. With Determination and Simplicity being core values, we have demonstrated that our pragmatic approach to growing the Company has yielded great success. With this opportunity to become a listed company, this new element of our journey is the start of a new beginning and we will continue to bring those values forward in addition to our continued creation of innovation and partnership based approach to market access.

PMD believes that the innovations we create and commercialise not only affect individuals, but their families, friends, and the communities they are part of. We look forward to welcoming new shareholders to become part of this journey and to support, together, a shared ambition of #MakingEveryBreathCount.

Myles Murray,
CEO,  PMD Device Solutions AB