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Delårsrapport januari – mars 2023


  • Net sales amounted to MSEK 0 (0).
  • Net loss was MSEK -7.1 (-8.4), corresponding to earnings per share of SEK -0.12 (-0.14).
  • Cash flow after financing activities amounted to MSEK -8.4 (-8.9).
  • Cash amounted to MSEK 9.4 (36.4).

Significant events during January – March

  • In February, the milestone Clean file was reached in PHSU05.

Events after the reporting period

  • In April the results from the company's Phase II study PHSU05 were announced. No clear differences in the efficacy on reducing the scarring were observed between ensereptide and placebo.
  • In May, the company received a limited capital adequacy guarantee (Sw:” kapitaltäckningsgaranti”) to cover for working capital needs for the remainder of 2023.


” It is crucial for a company like Promore Pharma to be opportunistic in order to stay relevant and take advantage of arising circumstances.”

Jonas Ekblom, President, and CEO of Promore Pharma

From this report and onwards, Promore Pharma will present the quarterly financial reports in English only.