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Remuneration of the Board of Directors and senior executives

Remuneration to board members elected by the general meeting are resolved by the general meeting. It has been proposed that the extraordinary general meeting which is to be held on [**] 2023 resolves that the remuneration to directors shall amount to TSEK [**] per annum and remuneration to the chairperson of the board of directors shall amount to TSEK [**] per annum. The table below shows the renumeration to PMD’s senior executives during the financial year 2022-04-01–2023-03-31.

Senior Executive Salary MSEK Pension MSEK Total MSEK
Myles Murray 1,976.25 116.25 1,992.50
Anne Dorney 1,906.50 116.25 1,922.75
Tom Meagher 1,395.00 104.63 1,399.63


The Company has no accrued or pending amounts for pensions or similar benefits for board members or executive management upon their departure from service or positions.
Salary and any bonus programmes are subject to an annual review and decision in [December] each year. Employment contracts also contain provisions on confidentiality, intellectual property rights and non-competition clauses and is valid until further notice.