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PMD Device Solutions begins preparation for first German hospital pilot

A leading 1,100-bed hospital in Bavaria commences IT governance ahead of their first patient use of RespiraSense in their 30-bed respiratory ward.

A leading 1,100-bed German clinic in the Bavarian region will pilot RespiraSense to address the clinical need for quality respiratory rate monitoring and improving outcomes of non-invasively ventilated patients. This pilot marks the start of PMDS' German market access programme. The pilot process has begun with the review of PMDS’ IT (Information Technology) and clinical governance documentation, which will last between 2-3 weeks. After that, the clinical team can use RespiraSense on their first patient in a 30-bed general ward for patients admitted with respiratory compromise. The pilot is anticipated to last for a total of 4 weeks and to commence by late April 2024.
“Over the coming months, PMDS will increase its understanding of hopsital requirements to be able to sell in the German market successfully. Such elements include understanding the level of IT governance, clinical workflow, guidance, and the procurement process. These elements are required to ensure an efficient selling process is achieved in any new clinical pathway or geographical market. " Says Myles Murray, Founder and CEO of PMDS.
This pilot marks the first of PMDS’ financial target to complete more than 10 pilots across the UK, German and US markets during 2024.