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Promore Pharma is Granted a Patent for ropocamptide in the US

STOCKHOLM, 14 July, 2020 – Promore Pharma AB, a Swedish biopharmaceutical developer of therapeutic peptides, today announced that the company was granted a patent in the US for the pharmaceutical formulation of the product candidate ropocamptide (LL-37).

Promore Pharma’s product candidate ropocamptide is being developed to prevent venous leg ulcers (VLU). The company filed a continuation application with the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) in May 2020 for a previously granted patent, which protects important elements in the formulation of ropocapmtide. The patent has now been formally granted, and it is valid at least until 2034.

“Now we are taking another step in our strategic work to create an extensive intellectual property protection for our innovative prescription drug for treating hard-to-heal ulcers” said Jonas Ekblom, President and CEO of Promore Pharma. “In total, we now have a strong and advanced patent protection for ropocamptide on the world’s largest pharmaceutical market, which of course is of utmost importance when the drug reaches the market”, he continued.

On the traditional pharmaceutical markets, there are an estimated 13-18 million patients with hard-to-heal wound and VLUs constitutes the largest subcategory of these wounds. VLUs represent significant challenges to patients and healthcare systems since they are frequent, costly to manage, recurring, and may persist for months or years. Standard treatment consists of compression bandaging and there are no approved prescription pharmaceuticals for VLUs on the traditional pharmaceutical markets. The cost for treating one VLU episode exceeds 10,000 USD for the healthcare system. The company therefore consider that there is a great need for the candidate drug, both from the perspective of the patients and the healthcare system.