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Promore Pharma is granted a US patent regarding skin scarring

STOCKHOLM, 12 May 2021 – Promore Pharma AB, a Swedish biopharmaceutical development company focusing on therapeutic peptides, announced today that the company has received a granted patent in the US for the use of the candidate drug ensereptide (PXL01) to prevent the formation of scarring on the skin.

Promore Pharma's product candidate ensereptide is undergoing development for treatments aiming at preventing various forms of scarring. The company made Promore Phar has today been granted a patent in the United States for the use of a pharmaceutical formulation containing the peptide PXL01 and hyaluronic acid, for the prevention of scarring after surgery. The patent period extends at least until 2030, with the possibilities of further patent extension.

"We are now taking another step in our strategic work to create far-reaching intellectual property protection for our innovative prescription drug for the treatment of various types of scars," said Jonas Ekblom, CEO of Promore Pharma. "Overall, we now have strong and extensive patent protection for ensereptide in the world's largest pharmaceutical market, which will be of paramount importance when our product reaches the market," he continued.

The company has recently announced that it intends to begin development of ensereptide to prevent unfavorable scarring on the skin. This is a product area with enormous potential. Every year, more than 300 million surgical procedures are performed worldwide, and in many cases long-lasting or permanent scars occur, for example in plastic and trauma surgery. Today, no pharmaceutical products are available aimed specifically for prevention of skin scarring. The company estimates that the annual addressable market exceeds SEK 100 billion.