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Rett Syndrome Research Trust selects PMD Solutions’ RespiraSense in their upcoming US-based biosensor validation study – VIBRANT.

Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) is proud to announce its partnership with PMD Solutions (PMDS). RSRT’s upcoming US-based biosensor validation study is called VIBRANT. The study will be conducted from out-patient paediatric hospitals in Chicago and Massachusetts.

Rett syndrome is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder. It primarily affects girls, causing severe impairments. Autonomic dysfunction is a significant challenge faced by individuals with Rett syndrome. Retts impact their breathing patterns, heart rate variability, sleep, and overall health. RSRT's VIBRANT study, with partnerships aims to validate novel solutions to monitor autonomic dysfunction using innovative digital technologies. The ultimate goal of RSRT’s biosensor development program is to develop direct and objective measures of symptoms that support and expedite the clinical development of curative therapeutics.

“By donating RespiraSense devices and analytics for RSRT's biosensor validation study, PMD Solutions will contribute significantly to the advancement of RSRT's mission to cure Rett syndrome. We are thrilled that PMD Solutions will contribute in such a meaningful and selfless way. PMD Solutions is dedicated to serving patients and we are excited to align on this mission for Rett.” says Dr Jana Von Hehn, Chief Science Officer and Head of Clinical Development for RSRT.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Rett Syndrome Research Trust in their innovative VIBRANT study. This partnership continues to demonstrate how RespiraSense is the sensor of choice for respiratory monitoring. At PMDS, we are committed to leveraging our technological expertise to improve healthcare outcomes. By providing our RespiraSense devices and analytics, we aim to advance RSRT's research efforts. To enhance their understanding of autonomic dysfunction in Rett syndrome and support faster development of a cure for Rett syndrome." says Myles Murray, Founder and CEO of PMDS.

This pilot marks the second of PMDS’ financial target to complete more than 10 pilots across the UK, German and US markets during 2024.

About RSRT
RSRT is the patient advocacy organization working to cure Rett syndrome in the US. As the largest funder of Rett syndrome research worldwide, RSRT has played a vital role in initiating and evolving the trajectory of progress toward a cure. All genetic therapies in development by biopharmaceutical companies have leveraged discoveries and resources made possible by RSRT. Learn more at